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Wine Tasting Monthly Club

Do you enjoy an evening of fine dining but shift around in your seat when the wine list arrives? Do you wish your wine knowledge extended beyond reds for meat and whites for fish? Deepening your understanding of wine in a relaxed social setting is the mission of the Tokyo-based French Wine Tasting Club. For the past ten years, the club has conducted monthly tastings, each focusing on a different wine production region. Participants learn from a wine specialist, who speaks on the qualities of the region and the factors that contribute to the taste of its wines. Afterwards, participants sample wines together with the gourmet dinner. The most valuable skill you will take away from these monthly gatherings is an understanding of cepage, or grape variety, and how it defines the character of the wine. You will learn which grapes and tastes appeal to you and how to explore them further to deepen your personal enjoyment of wine. Most of the attendees have little or no background in wines but simply a thirst for knowledge. An average of 20-30 students attend each tasting, with regular participants from Japan, America, Britain, Canada and France. Though the talks are mostly in English, handouts in Japanese are available on advance request. Advance reservation is crucial because Philippe, the organizer, usually buys his wines directly from importers for the scheduled tasting.

Next Upcoming Event

2016, Sat. April. 23, 7pm: South-African Wines VS. French Wines

South africa Wine

You will be at the Parisian style Restaurant Aux Bacchanales in Kioicho:

Aux Bacchanales Tokyo

You will be seated in a private room with the exact same atmosphere you'd find in any of the famous Parisian luxury brasseries ( La Coupole, Le Pied de Cochon, etc )

Aux Bacchanales

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2016/4/23: South African Wines VS. French wines

Menu & Wine Selection

Aperitif: French sparkling wine

Amuse: Salade d'asperges et crevettes au pamplemousse
Aspergus & Shrimps salad with grapefruit
Wine: South-African Chenin blanc VS French Chenin blanc

Starter: Sole et mousse de Homard a la bonne femme
Sole Fish and Lobster mousse
Wine: South-African Sauvignon blanc VS French Sauvignon blanc

Main: Filet de boeuf gratine aux Truffes
Beef tenderloin gratin with Truffles
Wine: South-African Syrah VS French Syrah

Dessert Tarte mirabelle a la tatin
Plum tart tatin
Wine: South-African Sparkling Rose Wine VS French Sparkling Rose Wine

Coffee or Tea

Vegetarians are welcome and should ask for the vegetarian option in advance.

You will taste 9 kinds of wines while speaker explains wine production, grape varieties and how to coordinate with food.


Wine Instructor's profile:

wine instructor

Thomas, our French polyglot instructor, started his wine journey at the age of 13 at his father's demand.
Since that time, he's purchased over 10,000 bottles of wine and has been to more wineries around the world than we could ever list:
from France, Italy, Spain to New Zealand ( Central Otago ), USA ( Sonoma ) and South Africa (Stellenbosch).
Thomas teaches Portfolio Management at the The University of Chicago, Booth School of Business and is currently busy launching his own business in Japan.

Watch a previous Burgundy wine seminar on a Youtube video:


Past and planned Schedule ( tentative )

2013, March 29th, California wines VS French wines: SOLD OUT
2013, April 27th, 7pm: Australian wines: SOLD OUT
2013, June 2, 6:30pm: Washington and Oregon wine: SOLD OUT
2013, June 28, 7:30pm: Provence wines: SOLD OUT
2013, July 20: Rhone Valley wines : SOLD OUT
2013, August 24, 7pm: French wines VS Spain wines : SOLD OUT
2013, September 28th: Languedoc and Roussillon wines: SOLD OUT
2013, October 18th, 7:30pm : Italian wines VS French wines: SOLD OUT
2013, November 30, 7pm: Bordeaux wines at LEGATO : SOLD OUT
2013, December 14, 7pm : Champagne Christmas Dinner : SOLD OUT
2014, January 25, 6:30pm: Burgundy wine tasting : SOLD OUT
2014, February 22, 6:30pm: French Wines VS Chile Wines: SOLD OUT
2014, March 15, 6:30pm, Exclusive Burgundy 1er Cru & Champagne Wine & Gourmet Dinner: SOLD OUT
3/ 28, 7pm, California wines VS French wine tasting : SOLD OUT
2014, April 11, 7pm@: South-Africa wines VS France wine tasting: SOLD OUT
2014, April 18, 7:30pm, Exclusive Bordeaux Tasting & French Gourmet Dinner: SOLD OUT
2014, May 30, 7:30pm: Australian wines VS France wine tasting: SOLD OUT
2014, June 28: Rhone Valley wine tasting : SOLD OUT
2014, July 25, 7:30pm: French wines VS Spain wine tasting : SOLD OUT
2014, August 30, 6:30pm: Provence wine tasting: SOLD OUT
2014, September 26: Languedoc and Roussillon wine tasting : SOLD OUT
2014, October 24, 7:30pm: Italian wines VS French wine tasting: :SOLD OUT
2014, November 28, 7:30pm: Bordeaux wine tasting : SOLD OUT
2014, December12, 7:30pm: Champagne Christmas Dinner: SOLD OUT
2014, Dec.18, 7:30pm: Exclusive BORDEAUX GRAND CRU CLASSE Wine Dinner : SOLD OUT
2015, January 31, 7pm : Burgundy wine tasting: SOLD OUT
2015, February 14, 7pm : Exclusive Italian Wine Seminar: SOLD OUT
2015, February 28 : French Wines VS New-Zealand Wines: SOLD OUT
2015. March 14, Alsace and German Wine: SOLD OUT
2015, April 25, 7pm: Champagne & Sake Seminar: SOLD OUT
2015, May 30, 7pm : California Wine VS. French wine : SOLD OUT
2015, June 13, 6:30pm: Exclusive BORDEAUX Wine Dinner: SOLD OUT
2015, June 25, 7pm : Rhone Valley Wine: SOLD OUT
2015, July 25, 7pm: Australian Wine VS French Wine @Aux Bacchanales: SOLD OUT
2015, August 29, 7pm: Spanish Wine VS French Wine @Aux Bacchanales: SOLD OUT
2015, October 10: Exclusive Burgundy wine seminar @ Legato: SOLD OUT
2015, October 24: South of France wines @Aux Bacchanales: SOLD OUT
2015, November 14: Exclusive Napa Valley wine seminar @ Legato: SOLD OUT
2015, November 28: Bordeaux Wine seminar SOLD OUT
2015, December12: Christmas Champagne Wine Dinner: SOLD OUT
2016, January 30, 7pm: Burgundy wine seminar @Aux Bacchanales: SOLD OUT
2016, February 27 : New-Zealand VS French wine tasting: SOLD OUT
2016, March 26, 8:30pm : Loire Valley wine tasting: SOLD OUT
2016, April 23: South Africa Vs French wine tasting: SOLD OUT
2016, May 28, 7pm: Rhone Valley Wine Seminar @Aux Bacchanales: RESERVATION OPEN on our new website
2016, June 25, 7pm : California Wine VS. French wine Seminar @Aux Bacchanales: RESERVATION OPEN on our new website
2016, July 23, 7pm: Australian Wine VS French Wine @Argo RESERVATION OPEN on our new website
2016, August 27, 7pm: Italian Wine VS French Wine @Argo
2016, September 17, 7pm: Spanish Wine VS French Wine @Argo

wine party tokyo

Price: 14,980Y + tax
( Payment by credit card@or bank transfer at least 7 days before )

Number of persons

The price covers the full Menu: amuse, starter, main dish, dessert, Coffee, wines, service and speakers.

Places are limited, therefore reservations are absolutely necessary.

Loyalty Pack:

Loyalty packs

Cheaper Advance reservation system:
3 times: 32,350Y + tax ( -10% )
6 times: 57,500Y + tax ( -20% )
9 times: 75,480Y + tax ( -30% )

No membership fees!
( available for one name only and do not require consecutive months )
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learn about wine

"Discovering the pleasures of Wine" Course

Course Description

"Wine knowledge is a powerful tool for today's amateurs and business people and our approach makes learning about wine just as much fun as drinking it!"
If you are a wine lover looking for something out of the ordinary, then join our English wine course entitled "Discovering the pleasures of French wine and its basics!". Learn how to swirl, sniff and sip like a true connoisseur! This seminar covers the fundamentals of wine education, ranging from wine making history to wine tasting. It runs for a total of 5 sessions of 2 hours each. Each class includes materials such as printouts, a tasting of the selected fine wines to be studied and an assortment of different types of cheese and bread.

Tailored Wine Class

1/ History of French Wines, Terroir, Grape Growing and Picking, Winemaking of Reds, Whites & Roses, Tasting Techniques & Wine Glossary.
2/ Main Grape Varieties for White Wines (1) and Understanding Their Labels! - Aligote, Chardonnay, Chasselas, Chenin Blanc, Gewurztraminer & Marsanne.
3/ Main Grape Varieties for White Wines (2) and Understanding Their Labels! - Pinot Blanc, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, Sylvaner & Viognier.
4/ Main Grape Varieties for Red Wines (1) and Understanding Their Labels! - Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Merlot & Tannat.
5/ Main Grape Varieties for Red Wines (2) and Understanding Their Labels! - Cinsault, Mouvedre, Gamay, Pinot Noir, Syrah & Grenache.

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